There are a lot of things to discuss when it comes to unlocking an iPhone. But, these things can be divided into two categories.

The first category is unlocking iPhones using its security features. This is pretty literal. Also, this is largely for users who want to know how to manage and familiarize the security features.

As for the other category, it has something to do with enabling your iPhone to change any carrier whenever you want.

iPhone 6 Security Features and How To Unlock Each

There are several security features that an iPhone provide to users. And these are the most common ones:


Users are allowed to create passcodes on their iPhone. You have the freedom to choose the kind of passcode. Whether you want it to be all-numerical or a mix of alpha-numerical type of codes, you may do so.

iphone passcode

When you lock your phone, it will automatically ask for the designated passcode. You just have to press or type-in the passcode and you can unlock it already.

Later iOS like iOS 11, allows the passcode locking features on some applications. Some of these include Photos, Messaging, Contacts, and Calendars. When you enable this, you will need to enter the passcode first to access these apps.

Fingerprint ID

One of the most advanced security features of an iPhone 6 is its ability to scan fingerprints. And this is largely designed to secure the phone. Also, this is much more safe and secure since the enrolled fingerprints are the only ones who can unlock the phone.

iphone fingerprint

When your iPhone is locked, just place the enrolled fingerprint on the Home button and it will instantly unlock the phone.

Facial Recognition

Similar to the Fingerprint ID, the Facial Recognition feature is also much more safe and secure than using passcodes. The only enrolled faces are the only ones who can access and unlock the phone.

iphone facial recognition

You can enroll your face by going to the Settings application and look for the Facial Recognition option. It will give you strict directions on how to enroll a face.

When unlocking an iPhone using the Facial Recognition feature, you just need to align your face properly on the camera. Once it’s properly scanned, it will instantly unlock the phone.

Activation Lock On Find My iPhone

In the latest iOS, an Activation Lock feature is added on the Find My iPhone feature. Once you turn on the Find My iPhone feature, the Activation Lock is enabled as well.

To unlock this, you will need to enter your Apple ID and its associated password.

Accordingly, no one else could unlock this for you, not unless you share your Apple ID and password with everyone.

Lost Mode

When your iPhone is in a lost mode, it means that it is remotely locked so no one else could access the phone. All the credit card and payment information are suspended to prevent purchases on iTunes and Appstore.

Also, this suspends all of the notifications on your phone.

You can turn this on using the Find My iPhone option on And to unlock this, you will need to enter your Apple ID and its associated password.

Unlock iPhone To Change Carriers

When your iPhone 6 is locked to a certain carrier and you want to unlock it, there are several ways that you could do to unlock it.

iphone lock

There is the software unlocking, hardware unlocking, IMEI unlocking, and unlocking through your current carrier or service provider. The latter method is the most efficient, legitimate, and effective solution to unlock your iPhone.

But while it is the most effective method, it can be a little expensive. And although the first three methods are cheaper, it can cause several issues to your iPhone and may even result in permanent damages. Also, you may lose your warranty which apparently is the best case scenario for these options.

May this guide on how to unlock iPhone be of great help!