There are times that you would encounter a difficulty in charging your iPhone. In fact, some iPhone wouldn’t even charge at all! When these happen, there can be a lot of reasons.

It is possible that your cable is not working properly. Or, it is also possible that your charging port is no longer at its prime functionality. But, most of the time, the only reason that your iPhone is not charging is because the port is dirty.

So, cleaning your iPhone charging port is a great solution. Besides, cleaning all corners and sides of your phone is one way of maintaining its quality and appearance.

Now, it’s not that hard to clean your iPhone’s charging port. But, it may require you a little bit of patience since it would take time.

What You Will Need

Aside from patience and time, there are a few things that you will need to clean the charging port.

  • Flashlight
  • Toothpick 
  • Cotton
  • Rubbing Alcohol

How You Will Do It

When you already have the right materials and tools, you can already start the cleaning process:

Check The Charging Port

Before anything else, it is important that you check first the charging port. By using a flashlight, you can clearly see what kind of dirt or dust you will be facing.

iphone charging port

Turn off your iPhone and hold it with its charging port facing you. As much as possible, try to not to apply direct light into the port because this will hinder you from seeing the interiors. So, turn on the flashlight and check the charging port.

Prepare Toothpick and Cotton

Once you’ve located the areas of concern in your charging port, prepare now the tool that you will use to take out the dirt and dust. It is also important to note that flashlight won’t always allow you to see all the dirt inside. But even so, continue to still clean your charging port.

Try to cut or pinch a small portion of cotton. Now, place the cotton on the one end of the toothpick. Make sure that it can fit your iPhone’s charging port. And when the cotton is already in place, sprinkle or spray it with a rubbing alcohol.

You may use cotton buds as well as a replacement. But, most of the time, it does not work since it won’t fit inside the charging port. If it helps, try to squeeze the cotton until the size decreases.

Take Out The Dirt

Place the end of the toothpick that has cotton and alcohol in it to the interiors of the charging port. Gently and slowly, scrape the tool against the walls of the charging port.

By scraping, you are taking the dirt out. You may need to poke and stick the toothpick as well every now and then. And this is to ensure that you will leave no traces behind.

iphone port

Now, this process may take time depending on the dirt and dust that are stored in the charging port. Moreover, you may need to replace the cotton with a newer and cleaner one when it gets bulky and dirty.

Repeat this process until you are no longer getting any dirt out. Not unless the cotton on the end of the toothpick stays clean and white, continue to scrape and poke the dirt out.

Finishing Touches

When you think you’re already done cleaning the interiors of the charging port, get a piece of cotton and pour a little rubbing alcohol in it.

Gently and slowly, wipe the exteriors of the charging port to ensure the cleanliness. Now, get a dry cotton and wipe again the areas of concern.

Hopefully, this guide gave you on idea on how to clean iPhone charging port properly.