Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone in 2021

Following in last year’s footsteps, Apple smartly adopts wireless charging for the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR.

Equipped with the Qi technology, the new flagship units work with Qi-certified chargers that are widely available in both online retail shops and affiliate Apple Stores.

However, with hundreds of wireless chargers sold on the market, choosing the best one can be a bit tricky.

Worse, you could end up buying a charger that isn’t worth your time and money.

Spare yourself that headache, we’ve got you covered when it comes to picking the best wireless chargers on the market.

The Best There is To Offer

Luckily, we’ve used and tested dozens of top rated Qi-certified chargers for both iPhone and Android devices.

In short, these are the best, and highly rated Lightning cable substitutes that you can use anytime without the hassle and tangle of a standard wired charger.

Recently, we’ve picked four of the highest rated wireless charging systems and put them through our rigorous tests. We only want to recommend the best so here are our 2021’s top picks.

You can thank us later.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave Stand

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger is one of Anker’s best selling stands for iPhone.

Being case-friendly, Anker makes it easy to watch videos and movies while charging your phone.

And don’t forget, you can flip into horizontal and vertical mode any time.

High speed 10W speed charging for Samsung Galaxy. All iPhones get a 5W charge boost.



✅ Great value for money

✅ Lightweight and portable

✅ Amazing design

✅ Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter

❌ Short cable

Resembling the car of the Knight Rider TV shows, the neat looking wireless charger has a small rounded indicator on the front that compliments well with the Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger’s subtle exterior.

Design wise, this could be one of the lookers. So if you are someone who values design, this might be the perfect fit.

The squarish shape is emphasized by sleek contouring corners that allow the translucent edges to blink when you’re using the wireless charging device.

Overall, its tidy look blends well with an office desk or bedside nightstand.

The only thing that’s been a minor issue for us is that the LED lights do not blink at all if you took the phone off the charging pad.

That could have been very useful when you are in your bedroom when the lights are all turned off.

Out of the box, The Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger includes a standard compatible power adapter and a white micro USB cable.

The cable is a bit short though, and despite being labeled as a 3-foot wire, actual tests show that it’s a tad smaller than that. A measly 2.8-foot cable wouldn’t just cut it in today’s standard.

However, despite being short in some categories, it makes up for its amazing 10W quick charge performance. On other devices, its 10W fast charge mode also works wonders.

We tested the wireless charger with an iPhone using the included adapter, and it took about 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the unit.

If you want to have better results, you need to have a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter to take full advantage of this feature.

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Pad: The Funky Looking Workhorse

pansonite vr headset with remote controller

Industry giant Belkin is known all over the world. Why wouldn’t they be, right?

The company has been stirring up innovation for about 35 years now, and they are usually known for connectivity peripherals like chargers and USB cables.

With the years that they are operating, it’s really hard to question their capability. They have the resources to come up with only the best products.



✅ Original design

✅ Strong connection

✅ Premium feel

Bulky AC adapter

❌ Lack of Micro USB and USB-C connectivity

Their Boost Up series is highly praised for its wireless charging ability albeit its awkward looking design. Its big circular disc looks entirely like an unidentified flying object with an intricate Belkin insignia on the center of the pad. But of course, most people are not after the design but rather its functionality.  

The wireless charger stands about 15mm above any desk surface, and with a diameter of 155mm, the device is just a tad smaller than a standard compact disc. Design wise, the Boost Up pad is accentuated by a grey matte surface highlighted by aluminum rings.

Belkin claims that the surface is made to prevent slipping, but upon several tests, we’ve found out that it’s not entirely true.  In between the smooth and sticky scale, the device isn’t as secure as the company claims it to be, but it’s stable enough for normal charging. Hence, you still have to be careful where you place this device. Otherwise, your phone might end up slipping. And that might put a huge dent on your budget.

According to Belkin, the wireless charging unit can supply up to 15W of power, but I doubt that current competitors are not still equipped with such a feature. Apple’s native 7.5W rating works well after a couple of tests.

Although the Boost Up pad has a broad base, we were having stability issues when trying to prod and poke our iPhone while it is being charged. In fact, despite its sticky looking surface, the pad isn’t really made to allow operation during charging.

It can also get a little warm over time because the charger doesn’t have any cooling fans. You have to watch out for this. As a trade-off, it is undoubtedly quieter than other brands.

The Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad also has another minor issue. Power is supplied by a cumbersome AC adapter that is enduringly attached to a power chord, which means that if you lose it, you can’t use micro USB and USB-C cables.

Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge: Money In The Bank

vr shinecon original 6.0 vr headset version virtual reality glasses

We’ve all heard about Samsung. It’s probably counter-intuitive to use a product from a company that is known as Apple’s closest rival.

In fact, according to 2018 business projections, the latter leads the overall phone market share with a whopping 30.8%, while the former only has ‎20.63% cut.

Needless to say, iPhone purists will be infuriated to use a rival’s charging unit.

But Samsung’s Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Convertible Stand/Pad works so well with Apple’s flagship units that it has made it on this list.

You might want to give it a shot and who knows if you will change your mind?



✅ Premium design and feel

✅ Easy operation

✅ ​Cheaper compared to other brands

✅ ​​LED status indicator

❌ Only supports Quick Charge 2.0

❌ Fast charging doesn’t support third-party wall adapters

Since the original pad came out in 2015, lots of changes have been made to the convertible wireless charger. In fact, it now sports a standard USB-C connector and a less subtle, but premium finish.

Its soft touch matte exterior reminds me of a car’s dashboard, and its sleek design looks like it was procured from a Zen workshop. Despite the upgrade, its internal units are still taken mainly from its predecessor.

The premium finish also prevents the phone from sliding, and no matter how shiny your phone casing is, the anti-slip surface will stick despite constant prodding. It can even hold its stability despite being switched to a stand. This is really a plus!

There is a single LED display that shows your phone’s battery status, and switching from a pad to stand is easy, thanks to Samsung’s slide and lock technology. It also supports Quick Charge 2.0 and Apple’s native 7.5W standard.

However, there is a big flaw, only Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charger wall adapter will allow speedy wireless charging, despite having the same specs from any third party Quick Charge 2.0 adapter.

Our tests show that without Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charger adapter, it would take at least 3 hours and 40 minutes to charge an iPhone. It’s not exactly impressive at best, and buying another adapter to enjoy fast charging might break your budget.  

Nonetheless, If you’re willing to look over this inconvenience, the Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible Stand/Pad’s versatility might be its most significant advantage.

Mophie Apple Optimized Wireless Charge Pad: An iPhone’s Charging Buddy

VR Empire VR Headset

Creators of the renowned Juice Pack, Mophie is an award-winning brand that specializes in innovative mobile solutions.

In fact, the company is credited with creating the first battery case certified by Apple for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

With that being said, the company is now making strides in wireless charging systems.

The Mophie Apple Optimized Wireless Charge Pad is among the few notable units certified for the iPhone and Android.

Design-wise, it’s as fundamental as it looks.

With a flat base, the pad makes it simple for users to plop down phones without fretting about making it perfectly centered.



✅ Up to 7.5W fast charge

✅ 360 degree operation

✅ Compatible with iPhone and Android

❌ Can disconnect sometimes


Mophie brings together ease of use and fast charging capabilities. 

Never need to worry about mounting your phone correctly on the charging pad.

Mophie makes it easy to rest your phone on its station.

Advantages of Wireless Chargers

We aren’t exactly newbies when it comes to wireless charging. In fact, it isn’t totally wireless at all because you need to be plugged in using an adapter. But what is all the fuss about this exciting feature?

For starters, it’s all about accessibility. Charging your iPhone with the usual adapter and cable setup can get messy at times, and plugging in the lightning cable in a dim room isn’t exactly as easy as one-two-three.

With wireless chargers, you’ll be able to plop down your device on any table surface. Plus it wouldn’t be difficult to navigate in the dark because these units usually have led indicators that tell you where they are.

It can be an affordable luxury of course, and spending a few dollars on the right investment would make the world a better place to live in. In all honesty, the advantages usually outweigh the cons, and in this case, wireless chargers win over traditional wired charging devices.

If you are hesitant because it’s more expensive than the old cable and adapter combination, there are lots of cheap ones that are worth checking out.

But if you’re not keen on upgrading to wireless charges, it’s okay. Old chargers still work well.

Things To Consider When Looking for The Best Wireless iPhone Charger

I’m quite the picky technogeek, and when it comes to my gadgets, I always make sure that they meet specific criteria.

Aside from aesthetic appearances, I nevertheless make sure that they hold a particular purpose, and the same can be said with a wireless pad charger. Plus, I really value honesty so if they are not true to their claims, I easily get turned off.

Anyway, there are certain things that you should consider when you are shopping for your next wireless charging system and although these are based on my personal preferences, most of the things I will be mentioning are based on standard global benchmarks.


This one comes first on the list. Why? Because buying an incompatible charger is obviously quite frustrating. It is not only a waste of time and money, but it also robs you from the opportunity to use your phone’s wireless feature.

So before taking the plunge, it is wise to check if a wireless charger is compatible with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Be sure to test before making the final purchase and always check the warranty and return policy. You wouldn’t want to get a device that you can’t use, would you?


It is also imperative that you consider the wattage of your wireless charger. The ideal one should allow up to 15 watts and I recommend that you get the same.


There are tons of wireless chargers out there promising the same features, but do you also know that some are cheaper compared to other brands? If you’re guilty of buying expensive accessories because of pedigree, don’t worry because I’m guilty of that too.

I used to buy based on that principle, but guess what, like smartphones or gadgets in general, people evolve too. If you find a cheaper alternative that has the same features in comparison to a premier brand, I’d say go for it.

The best tactic if you are to buy gadgets and its accessories is to not be blinded by the price. Too expensive ones do not guarantee that they are the best. And the cheapest ones do not mean that they are the worst.

You really have to check all the features and possibly read reviews to get the best deals. And of course, you can always watch out for promos and discounts.

Where To Get A Wireless Charger?

Because of its popularity, a lot of people would want to get their own wireless charger, and that means crooks are taking advantage of this demand.

To avoid getting scammed, only transact with trusted retail stores or websites. If you find a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offer, chances are, it is. So you have to be careful.

The Best iPhone Wireless Charger

With all the pros and cons we weighed in this review, we have concluded that the Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger is the best wireless charger available on the market right now.

Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave Stand

Not only that it is easy on the pocket, its features and design are commendable as well.

After our rigorous lab tests and countless positive reviews, this is the ultimate wireless charger out there. If you want to experience the true benefits of wireless charging, then this is an excellent device to go with.

Do yourself a favor and join the wireless charging world today, you will not want to go back!