Best iPhone VR Headsets

by | Sep 28, 2021

Virtual reality is becoming more of a trend in 2021.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are yet to experience VR headsets made by Apple.

Nevertheless, they could still get into the virtual reality action with the use of compatible VR headsets.

I am not apparently a die-hard fan of such headsets but I find them very entertaining, especially on family days and parties.

And this led me to my project: The Search for The Best iPhone VR Headset.

The Results Of My Search For The Best iPhone VR Headset

It took me a while to find the right one.

And during my search, I’ve come across several VR headsets that are compatible with different iPhones.

So, if you are looking for one – this would help you in your own search.

BNext VR Pro Headset 

BNext VR 3D Headset

If you have a passion for gaming, especially games that come with VR modes, this BNEXT VR headset is largely designed for this purpose.

BNEXT VR features the FOV adjustments to enhance and widen the viewing capacity.

Also, it comes with a unilateral myopic alignment feature to reduce the viewing distortions.



✅ Comfortable and safe to use
Comes with exclusive VR contents and app

✅ Affordable

✅ Comes with exclusive VR contents and app

❌ Lacks button functionality

❌ Gets too hot when used excessively

❌ Can get blurry at times

VR Empire VR Headset

VR Empire Headset 3D Glasses

This VR Empire is an all-in-one VR headset. It features a 180-angle FOV which is wider than the average FOV.

Also, it has a heat dissipation function to prevent the headset from overheating.

Moreover, smartphones are automatically adjusted for proper positioning.

In addition, it is very safe for the eyes and quite comfortable to use on a daily basis.



✅ Multi-functional headset

✅ Comes with a remote control for the smartphone

✅ All settings are adjustable

❌ Poor focal settings

❌ The controller is not very reliable

Images and views are not clear

Merge AR/VR Headset

pansonite vr headset with remote controller

The Merge AR/VR Headset is one of the most recent VR headsets of Pansonite.

As per the manufacturer, they have released this headset with much more improvements than its predecessors.

It features an HD Resin Aspherical lens for an ultimate eye protection.

Also, it can provide you a 720-degree Hi-Fi Stereo Surround System that lets you really feel immersed in your VR experience.



✅ Very comfortable to use

✅ It does not give any strain to the eyes and head

✅ Long-battery life

❌ Poor instruction manual

❌ Not quite durable

❌ The touch screen is not very sensitive

VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Glasses

vr shinecon original 6.0 vr headset version virtual reality glasses

The VR SHINECON glasses is a basic kind of VR headset. You can freely adjust the pupil distance, object distance, and focal distance.

Also, you can wear your eyeglasses (if you have) even when you use this VR.

But before purchasing, just be sure to check the exact size of your iPhone since there are cases that smartphones won’t fit effectively.



✅ Adjustable distances for focal, pupil, and object aspects

✅ Comfortable to use

✅ You can charge your phone even when using the headset

❌ Features are too basic for its price

❌ Not durable

❌ Does not hold the phone efficiently

VR Wear 3D Headset

VR Wear Google 3D Glasses

The VR Wear 3D Google Headset looks nothing like other headsets included in this list.

The only difference is that this headset is compatible with the later series and models of iPhone.

The adjustment settings are updated and much more reliable than the first one.

Also, your iPhone can be plugged into a charger even when using it with the VR headset. But, it drains the battery much faster than the normal.



Compatible with the later iPhone models

Safe for the eyes

Eyeglasses can be worn inside

Drains the battery quickly

iPhone with cases won’t fit 

Lacks button functionality 

Peiloh 3D VR Headset

Pelioh 3D VR Headset

The Peiloh VR Headset can be the best iPhone VR headset for you if the price is the top factor that you consider.

It is an all-inclusive VR headset as it comes with a controller.

The lenses are adjustable. Also, it has safety features that can secure the quality of the headset along with your eyes.

But the thing I love the most about this product is that it looks classy and sleek.



Multi-functional VR headset

Does not overheat

Has buttons to adjust volume and other settings 

❌ The controller cannot fully support iOS gadgets

❌ Cannot be used with eyeglasses

❌ Built-in headphones are relatively cheap

Digib 3D VR Headset

digib 3D VR Headset

What makes the digib 3D VR headset great is its immersive stereo headphones.

However, while I am not very fond of this feature, iPhone users who want their VR experience complements with great sounds may see this as their best iPhone VR headset.

Also, this headset boasts it comfortability and controller features.

In addition, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you do encounter any issue with the product.



✅ Very comfortable to use

✅ Excellent stereo sounds

✅ It comes with an 18-month warranty

❌ The package does not include a user manual

❌ Provides double visions

❌ Nose cut-out is too big

Things To Consider When Looking for The Best iPhone VR Headset 


The first factor you need to check is the compatibility of the VR headset. Some headsets won’t work with the earlier iPhone models and some would only work with the later models. So, it is important for you to see whether it can fit your iPhone or not.

vr headset

Functionality and Reliability 

Since most VR headsets cannot fully support yet some iPhone interfaces, the features are not that very reliable. Hence, it is only fitting that you choose the VR headset that can cater functions and features that can decently accommodate your phone.

iphone vr headset

The Best iPhone VR Headset For Me 

The one that I find the most appropriate for my iPhone is the BNEXT VR 3D Headset.

BNext VR 3D Headset
Primarily, it’s very affordable considering all the features. Secondly, I can wear my glasses even when I use the headset. Thirdly, it can quite give me a full VR experience. And lastly, viewing settings are highly adjustable.

The best iPhone VR headset for my personal use is not adequately the best one for you. Nevertheless, this guide may lead you to the one that can cater your VR needs and wants.