How It All Started

iPhone itself is already a great and efficient product. But, you could apparently enhance it more using the right and proper accessories. And we, at OptrixHD, would want to help consumers and avid users of Apple iPhones to get the best experiences out of their smartphones.

We are a group of tech-fanatics who love to seek ways on how to improve iPhone experiences — from finding the right pair of headsets and earphones or seeking the most fashionable cases and screen protectors, all the way to knowing the simple functions like syncing and backing up. We always check the newest and hottest trends on iPhone. And we share our own observations and experiments when using these things.


Here, at OptrixHD, we find it much more effective to share our own stories and experiences when using the products or doing the processes. We give our own reviews – including the highlights, advantages, and drawbacks of each. Through and by this, we can effectively establish our connection to other avid iPhone users.

You could say that we are passionate fans of iPhones and there’s no denying in that.

OptrixHD’s Mission

The market of iPhones along with its accessories is dramatically flourishing each year. The queue of lines that you see whenever Apple releases a new product is just one proof of that.

And with these things and knowledge at hand, OptrixHD would like to reach out to these people who still try and test their ways to knowing iPhones thoroughly. We believe that our so-called “experiments” and “observations” can really help other iPhone users and enthusiasts today.


Now, OptrixHD aims to do this through our buying guides and informative articles that will help each consumer in enhancing their iPhone experiences.

Whether you are looking for a compatible accessory for your iPhone or you want to know the functions that your iPhone can do for you, OptrixHD is a great platform to learn such things.