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best wireless chargers for iphone

Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone

Following in last year’s footsteps, Apple smartly adopts wireless charging for the iPhone.

Equipped with the Qi technology, the new flagship units work with Qi-certified chargers that are widely available in both online retail shops and affiliate Apple Stores.

However, with hundreds of wireless chargers sold on the market, choosing the best one can be a bit tricky.

Worse, you could end up buying a charger that isn’t worth your time and money.

Best Screen Protectors For iPhone

Best iPhone Screen Protectors of 2021

iPhone appears to be very different from the typical iPhone. And it’s apparently the most expensive of all iPhone models.

While Apple ensures that it is waterproof and dustproof, they did not make any promises on the durability of the model’s bigger and wider screen.

In fact, no one is ever sure if the glass screen can survive drops from heights.

Not unless of course if you’ve tried and tested it on your own.

best vr headset iphone (1)

Best iPhone VR Headsets

Virtual reality is becoming more of a trend in 2021.

Unfortunately, iPhone users are yet to experience VR headsets made by Apple.

Nevertheless, they could still get into the virtual reality action with the use of compatible VR headsets.

I am not apparently a die-hard fan of such headsets but I find them very entertaining, especially on family days and parties.

And this led me to my project: The Search for The Best iPhone VR Headset.

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The History Of The iPhone – A Revolutionary Device

The History Of The iPhone – A Revolutionary Device

Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on 1st April 1976 and was incorporated on 3rd January 1977. The company only manufactured personal computers for more than 30 years with Apple II, Power Mac, and Macintosh being their top creations. These...

How To Unlock iPhone

How To Unlock iPhone

There are a lot of things to discuss when it comes to unlocking an iPhone. But, these things can be divided into two categories. The first category is unlocking iPhones using its security features. This is pretty literal. Also, this is largely for users who want to...

How to Use A VR Headset for Beginners

How to Use A VR Headset for Beginners

Learn How to Set Up VR Headsets for iOS It’s really amazing how far technology has come these days. We’ve come a long way from simple graphics and pictures to virtual reality. Things that we only dreamed of years ago are now readily available on mobile phones with the...